Hi there everyone! I'm a rising author with multiple drafts of possible books coming out shortly. I'm Ally, and I dedicate a lot of my free time to playing Wizard101 and have since 2009. I hope you enjoy the articles I have to offer.

Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Time For Some Tricks Low on gold? Need mega snacks? Tired of paying for bottles for health and mana? Need a spot to farm in demand reagents on a daily basis? Take a seat and sip some coffee, because in this article you will find special tricks that every wizard should utilize while journeying across […]

Full Metal Alchemist – A Invigorating Tale Of Brotherhood

Enter: The Elric Brothers Diving into this story is the focus of two brothers who have been through an extraordinary event together. Their father left them when they were both young, and their mother took ill and passed away shortly after. In an attempt to bring their mother back to life by using alchemy, the […]

It’s Runescape Not Runscape!

Ready to dive? There is little game in the MMORPG wide spread universe known than the classic: Runescape. Also known as “Runescape 3” this is anything but a dying game. It has an overwhelming 16 million players/subscribers in total and around 600,000 players log on each day day to actively game according to Population MMO. […]

A Wizardly Ho-Ho-Ho

A Wizardly Ho-Ho-Ho

Fa-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la-laaaaaaa… The lovely featured image is by Alyssa, and can be found by visiting here. It is almost time to celebrate and look forward to Christmas! There are so many fun events, quests, objectives, and items that are released around this time every year for wizards to enjoy. While at the making of this article […]

Spooky Spooky Scary Time

Spooky Encounters Is it just me or is it getting spooky in here? There’s one event I look forward to each year that Wizard101 continues to put out for all of the Wizards in the Spiral. Trick or treat – give me a trick Sir Halloween Trickster in your spooky home of the Halloween Towers! […]

Make A Wish, Wizards

Wizard101 and Make-A-Wish Foundation Kingsisle has made a few wishes come true of those struggling to beat cancer. These select few have wanted to see how Wizard101 looks behind the scene and how it operates. These young wizards have been showcased in the game itself.  Allan Ghostdust can be located in Khrysalis with a neat […]