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Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Time For Some Tricks Low on gold? Need mega snacks? Tired of paying for bottles for health and mana? Need a spot to farm in demand reagents on a daily basis? Take a seat and sip some coffee, because in this article you will find special tricks that every wizard should utilize while journeying across […]

The best energy gear

Have you ever had troubles deciding what energy gear you should use? In this article we will outline why every Wizard should have an Energy Gear and which gear is currently the best option.  An energetic Wizard… By travelling throughout the Spiral, your Wizard will not just level up but also receive more energy. Every […]

A Wizardly Ho-Ho-Ho

A Wizardly Ho-Ho-Ho

Fa-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la-laaaaaaa… The lovely featured image is by Alyssa, and can be found by visiting here. It is almost time to celebrate and look forward to Christmas! There are so many fun events, quests, objectives, and items that are released around this time every year for wizards to enjoy. While at the making of this article […]

The Shocking Truth about Storm

One day in GTP’s general chat, a discussion emerged. That discussion produced the following meme: The School of Storm For many years, the Storm school was regarded as the premier attacking school in Wizard101. People know this school to have notably higher damage-output when compared to any other school. To compensate, Storm’s defensive capabilities (including […]

Khrysalis, the Start of Wizard101’s End Game

Khrysalis, the final world of Wizard101’s second story arc. The first world in the main-story to be released in two separate parts. Khrysalis… Its name alone probably will make some people shiver. Khrysalis is infamous for a number of reasons. It is the longest world in the game, and it is only challenged by its […]

The End of the Beginning

Once a prestigious academy rivaling that of Ravenwood, Dragonspyre now lies in ruins from a man’s grief-stricken campaign to summon the Dragon Titan to revive his wife. Now, the young wizard must stop him to save the Spiral. The wizard’s journey consists of gathering information stolen by enemies, to learning the intricacies of combat from […]