GTP’s Ban Appeal Guide

If you were banned from Gamma’s Trading Post’s discord server in the past & would like to appeal, keep reading!

You may apply for an appeal (at least) 2-3 months after your ban. If your issue is related to Altdentifier or an autoban, then you don’t have to wait and can get the issue sorted by contacting us using the methods listed below. If you have done any of the following you will not be allowed to appeal: harassment, doxxing, or scamming.

Ban appeals can take up to 3 days to be processed.

New Project (64)

1. What is your username and/or ID ex. James, Meme Man 2021#0820 / 184534810369196032
2. Why were you banned in the past?
3. How do you plan to improve your behavior in the server if unbanned?
4. Do you understand that you will be given less chances/modlogs than you were prior?
5. Any additional notes?

Email this information to [email protected]. You can also message us on Twitter @GTPDiscord for simple issues such as being autobanned or altdentifier issues. These issues don’t require a 2-3 month wait.