Value Guides

This spreadsheet serves as a price guide for most of the Treasure Cards, Crown Items, Reagents, and Housing/Monstrology Items found in Wizard101.

Please keep in mind the prices you sell for do not have to be what is listed in the guide, however, the prices presented are the most accurate.

If you feel that the price of any item listed in this guide is incorrect, you may contact an admin on Discord and we will consider any price changes outside of the Housing & Monstrology sections.

The Monstrology guide is provided by Anima Chambers.

To visit the guideclick here

To visit the Monstrology guideclick here

If youre having trouble visiting the first link you may click the web published link here.


Desktop and tablet users may view the embedded spreadsheet below.

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it’s been over a year and the Halloween symbols (among others) still haven’t been added to the guide

skye sanctuary

Will look into adding them into the guides! Thank you.
If you ever happen to see something that needs to be changed within the guides you may take part in the discussion channel found in GTP’s Discord.
For a quicker response on changes for the Admin Team to look into may also contact an admin on Discord.

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can we use this also for european servers

Scott Bonser

Looking to buy a max level account. Willing to pay up to 200. Let me know if you’re interested


how much for a one month membership


how do i purchase with emps


I’d like to exchange $10 usd for one month of wizard101 membership


I can do you a deal

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