The World is Sippin’ Coffee Day n Night

We All Want It

First discovered around 1671, the coffee bean has become a major part of modern society. This little, darkly colored bean is the major component in the creation of what is considered coffee today. Known as the world’s bitter, acidic drink, it has a very stimulating effect upon consumption. This beverage is typically served hot but can be commonly found as a chilled or iced concoction. Some present-day research has concluded that drinking coffee can be short termly beneficial to healthy adults. The stimulation that comes from coffee occurs because of the caffeine content.

A Latte Different Kinds

There are countless types of different coffee drinks so the classification is divided by the type of bean that is used in each blend of roast. The most commonly used coffee bean for consumption is the Arabica – which makes up over 60% of coffee drinkers! They are found in mostly mountain-like climates, with higher altitudes and steady rainfall. 

On the flip side, the Robusta bean is a very bitter and powerful coffee bean. This is commonly found and drank in expressos, instant, and stronger brewed coffee. These beans are grown in hotter climates and can truly take a punch from their environment, unlike their Arabica counterpart. 

The rest of the coffee beans are not commonly found or used in America. This is due to importation complications or very different environmental growth and availability. 

Brewing Your Favorites

Brewed in many different ways coffee is consumed on average, by 150 million people per day according to e-importz. The most commonly seen method is through a filtered or drip coffee machine. This is when a piece of parchment is utilized as a filter. This coffee is brewed by placing that filter between the receiving glass/object and running hot or cold water down. The wet, ground beans are discarded using that filter while the beverage is left in the form of nothing more than liquid. 

Did you know coffee was brought to America in the mid 17th Century by the British?

Coffee: A Thriving Business

This hot or cold beverage is seen everywhere you go. From malls to coffee shops, there is a spot to grab this drink around every corner. Businesses and offices often supply their employees with this mind-stimulating beverage as coffee has been proven to raise productivity levels.

Some of the most popular coffee places are not necessarily big brand names such as Starbucks and Cups. Many small town hole-in-the-wall coffee shops have freshly brewed beverages for enjoyment. It is often that these locations have even better ratings and consumer reports than the biggest of chains. 

Customize The Brew

Creamers, sugar, flavorings, and additions are just the beginning of the endless list people use in their coffee every day. Many individuals who do not like this enticing beverage have yet to discover the type of brew and the way they like their coffee. Personally, Splenda and two normal Coffee-Mate creamers are enough for this Gamma’s Scribe to drink an endless amount of hot coffee while working or playing games. The more creamer that is added to a coffee, the more milkier and dense while becoming less bitter the beverage will become. The more sugar that is added to the coffee, the sweeter it will become. Play around with different creamer and sugar combinations to get the perfect balance for your tastebuds. There is also flavored creamer that can add a slight hint of chocolate, caramel, and much more to the beverage. 

In Conclusion...

Coffee is drunk by millions of people a day. Most love it but there is that few population that does not enjoy the taste of coffee. What is your favorite kind of coffee? If you don’t have one, then be sure to give coffee a chance by playing around with the different types out there to discover your favorite brew and combination! 

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