Gamma’s Gifts

Welcome to the Gamma’s Gifts section of Gamma’s Trading Post.
This is where members of the community can give server donations to the Admins, which will be utilized to host events or giveaways in GTP. As a return for donating to the server, members will receive server benefits (ie. custom roles). Thank you to SuperSonicLoki#3783 for suggesting this idea.

Donation Points

1 Donation
➯ Empowers (x50)

12 Donations
➯ 1250 Crown Code

22 Donations
➯ 2500 Crown Code

45 Donations
➯ 5K Crown Code
➯ 1 Month Membership
➯ $10 Prepaid Card

64 Donations
➯ $10 Kroger Card

95 Donations
➯ 10K Crown Code
➯ 2 Month Membership
➯ $20 Prepaid Card

130 Donations
➯ $20 Kroger Card

135 Donations
➯ $29 Wizard101 Bundle Code

160 Donations
➯ Retired $29 Wizard101 Bundle Code

175 Donations
➯$39 Wizard101 Bundle Code

220 Donations
➯ Retired $39 Wizard101 Bundle Code

For any donation not listed by the point system found abovethe points are calculated by the values an item is listed by in Value Guides. The following formula is used:

(Minimum Value + Maximum Value)/2 = [Average Value]/50 = [Donation Value].

For certain cases where bundles go over regular values, exceptions will be made.

We currently do not accept any miscellaneous Treasure Cards as donations.
Currently accepted donation Treasure cards include:

Additional Info

The Admins of GTP do not have any intention onstealingany funds made to the server.

Any donations given go strictly to server giveaways/events, all of which can be found by clicking this link. It is optional to fund for this cause, but all funds are appreciated. If you do donate, there are rewards available!

Donation Rewards

1 Donation
➯ Will be given the @Gifted Giver role.

5 Donations
➯ Custom emoji of choice that conforms to GTP’s rules.

10 Donations
➯ Your Discord name will be permanently put in Gamma’s Hall of Fame, along with a quote you’d like to say that complies to GTP’s rules.

25 Donations
➯ Custom Dyno command with any text you’d like the command to say that confirms to GTP’s rules.

50 Donations
➯ Will be given the @Gilded Gifter role.
➯ A permanent custom role 
See below for more information regarding custom roles.

75 Donations
➯ Will be given the @Wizard101 Banker role.
➯ Choice between a private voice channel or chat channel for you and those in your donation role.

100 Donations
➯ Will be given the @Gifting Millionaire role.
➯ Additional Custom Dyno command with any text you’d like the command to say that confirms to GTP’s rules.

How to acquire a Custom Role:

Members of Gamma’s Trading Post can acquire their own custom role by personally accruing at least 50 Donation Points, the equivalent of at least 2,500 Empowers, to the server. This role can be named whatever the role owner would like so long as it conforms with GTP’s rules (it is not a current role, it cannot sound and/or look similar to an existing role, cannot sound like a staff role, and must be Admin-approved), and other members may join the role so long as both the role owner and potential recipient consent.

Please note that, like all Discord servers, GTP has a role limit. Therefore, a custom role is not immediately guaranteed upon acquiring 50 Donation Points. When there is not enough room for a new custom role, donators will be placed into a waitlist on a first come, first serve basis.

How to Maintain a Custom Role:

Every three months, current role owners must pay a maintenance fee of 5 Donation Points, the equivalent of 250 Empowers, or more in order for their role to stay in the server. GTP’s Administrators will put out several reminders in the server’s announcements channel lea ding up to the deadline for payment. Role owners who do not pay the 5 Donation Points maintenance fee will have their custom role removed from the server.

Previous role owners who missed the payment deadline and would like to have their role re-added to the server may pay 5 Donation Points at any time to be added to the end of the current custom role waitlist.

For more information about custom roles, please visit the donation-info channel in GTP.