Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Time For Some Tricks

Low on gold? Need mega snacks? Tired of paying for bottles for health and mana? Need a spot to farm in demand reagents on a daily basis? Take a seat and sip some coffee, because in this article you will find special tricks that every wizard should utilize while journeying across The Spiral.

Gold is critical in the Spiral. This is a currency that is used in many different ways including purchasing spells, gear, treasure cards, houses, and much more. Farming this currency and having access to it is extremely important. One of the best places to do this once a wizard has it unlocked is Vestrilund.

In the heart of Vestrilund resides a boss named Asrik Widebelt. He drops an item that can be sold to the Bazaar for a high price. This boss is an easy battle for any higher leveled wizard. The item a wizard will want from this battle is the Dragon’s Shield Amulet. This can be sold to the Bazaar for over 12,000 gold! For such a simple and fast fight, this is a fantastic option for wizards to fill their wallet.

Another location to farm is Halfang’s Cave. This is a storm boss and a myth minion. Beware, the minion often casts a spell that places a life and death dispel on the wizard. This mob also wields Earthquake and is prone to using it. The object worthwhile selling to the Bazaar is the Cow Pearl’s amulet! It can be sold for 8,000+ gold!

Both bosses offer regular gear alongside the desired amulets. Wizards can expect to rack up gold in no time by farming either of these bosses at their own pace.

Need Reagents? Me too.

There are multiple places to get specific reagents that are always in high demand and used for recipes. Once a wizard has unlocked The Hive and The Shadow Palace with the large tree, Moros, in it they will find it easy to farm reagents. A wizard can find wooden and silver chests, ore, scrap iron, deep mushrooms, comet tails, and stone blocks in very high amounts. These reagent spots like anywhere else offered can give the uncommon item as well. For example, ore has a chance to grant a diamond when harvested. Silver chests have two different games that can trigger upon opening; Catch A Key and Shock A Lock.

Black lotus can be found quite easily in Vestrilund. All a wizard needs to do is hop realms each time they pick up the lotus at the following location. There will be more spawns upon arrival. These spots can be found after using the teleporter that takes a wizard towards the two commonly farmed gold boss caves.

Agave leaves, black lotus, deep mushrooms, and more can be found at the Graveyard’s entry gate before entering the instance. A wizard can obtain agave nectar this way too by random chance. Going inside of the instance offers a young wizard more reagents and chests. Roaming around will not cause a fight, but take care not to start it by going too close to the mobs and boss. Mist wood, agave leaves, and much more can be found inside each instance. Be sure to check around the castle walls on the sides, too!

Bottle and Bottle and Bottle and....no more please!

Gold is spent with upkeep regarding bottles for a full burst of mana and health. If a wizard is feeling a bit cheap and wants fast refills, they can consider visit Mirage’s commons area. Both health and mana wisps spawn here at a constant rate. It doesn’t take long to run around and collect it to fill up.

Mega Snacks? More like mega Yes!

A necessity with pet training, mega snacks have become a very important aspect of The Spiral. Farm Couch Potato seeds from Ghultures in Mirage for plots. An alternative is entering the instanced Winterbane Hall. Inside is a battle that drops smaller mega snacks almost every time. This battle is resettable with 3 people inside.

In Conclusion...

Hopefully this article has assisted wizards who may need to add some new or old tricks to their books. Let us know what you consider to be vital activities that you do across The Spiral everyday! As always, thanks for reading a Gamma’s Scribe article.

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hi, i think you should make a blog post about the 2/2/4 method for graveyard where the first 2 battles only take 2 rounds and the final one with mail takes 4 in total after his first death on the second round.

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