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Miracles of Mirage

Nestled in the lounging, cheat-filled challenge of Wizard101 known as Arc III lies a world of sheer joy, exhilaration and excitement. Mirage’s endless and bountiful sands, coupled with lyrical music, powerful storytelling and detail rich graphics make it one of the best designed worlds in the history of the game. In addition, the conveniently located […]

Why Azteca Isn’t so Bad

While playing Wizard101, you’ve probably seen all, if not most, of the worlds, especially if you’re a max wizard. There are worlds that people hate, and worlds that people very much enjoy. The worlds all have their own unique touch to them like the story line, setting, theme, enemies. As a wizard for eight years […]

Why Mooshu is the GOAT of all worlds in Wizard101

Mooshu is one of those worlds that has a lot more to offer than what meets the eyes. Of course this world is aesthetically pleasing, but Mooshu is my personal favorite for more sentimental reasons. It is chock full of valuable lessons, interesting characters, and most importantly, vivid memories! Honor bound sword wielding cattle? Who […]