Wizards Go Vroom Vroom As Fast As They Can!

Welcome to another article from Gamma’s Scribe: Coffee! 

Looking To Go Fast?

Everyone wants to get to their destinations quickly. Follow along in this article and you may learn some tips and tricks to getting around the Spiral as fast as possible.

The first and foremost obvious choice to get around is The World Gate. There is a World Gate in every house that a Wizard can purchase. There is also a craft-able World Gate. The recipe for this moveable teleportation device can be found here. If crafting is not your thing then good news: the door is able to be bought from the Bazaar!

Hop Into The Painting

Another option for wizards to take is jumping into a painting! Hold on, don’t leap yet. Craft the recipe and then you’ll have a one way junction to anywhere you can dream!

Hop on!

Naturally, a wizard can enlist in the assistance of a mount to get around The Spiral. Most mounts offer a 40% speed bonus but to really zoom quickly you’ll want one that offers 50% like the Rocket above!

If you do not have access to a mount, consider doing some farming and buying one from the Crown’s Shop with your gold!

Warp Destinations

There are very useful warp features that allow you to move from one area to the next fast. These locations are able to take wizards from one point to another for questing, reagent gathering, crafting, and more. 

Lazy? We All Can Be

If a friend is around there are multiple wizard mounts that can be fun to travel on or in. Hop on or inside of their mount as long as it offers multiple seats and ride on! 

In Conclusion...

Do you have any questions or comments for us regarding on how to zip around the Spiral? Give us your feed back below!

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A special mention can be issued for the boots of the comet and the slipstream boots which provide 8 and 4 percent speed boosts respectively, although I do not know how they are calculated in conjunction with other sources

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