Make A Wish, Wizards

Wizard101 and Make-A-Wish Foundation

Kingsisle has made a few wishes come true of those struggling to beat cancer. These select few have wanted to see how Wizard101 looks behind the scene and how it operates. These young wizards have been showcased in the game itself. 

Allan Ghostdust can be located in Khrysalis with a neat potion to add to your collection. This quest can be accepted once a wizard reaches Khrysalis in their travels. It comes complete with quirky dialogue as well!

Allan always wanted to be a character inside of his favorite game. His memory will be forever treasured at this spot.

Brandon and Dragons

Another instance in which Wizard101 was able to fill a wish was Brandon. He can be seen as a quest starting point in Polaris. He is apart of an ultra secret organization that has one mission in mind: Dragons. A wizard may partake in the quest he has to offer once they have reached Polaris naturally in the quest line. 

A unique aspect to Brandon is the summon treasure cards that wizards may have in their spell deck as a back up in case of emergency.

There is a spell card for every school that is obtainable naturally by wizards. These minions are often used in special events that limit wizards to only treasure card usage. 

Daniel and Simon Says

Daniel was yet another example of Wizard101 inserting a player into the game in the form of their own character and questline. Not only was a quest added, but gear was too. The questline is accessible to wizards when they have unlocked level 75. You can find Daniel and the boss inside Sunken City. Fighting this special boss and seeing the unique dialogue from Daniel requires no quest, only a Stone Skeleton Key present. 

His cheats are based on his game of Simon Says. If he says you are able to do something then you are allowed to do it. If you try to do something without him saying you can, he will perform his cheat. 

This is a fairly simple fight that does not take much effort. The gear that is dropped is unique and has different versions. There is also a pet that can be obtained from this fight. 

What do you think about these gestures of kindness? Do you want to see more unique characters and quests added to the game? Comment below!

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