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Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Wizard101 Critical Tips n’ Tricks – Raise Your Wands!

Time For Some Tricks Low on gold? Need mega snacks? Tired of paying for bottles for health and mana? Need a spot to farm in demand reagents on a daily basis? Take a seat and sip some coffee, because in this article you will find special tricks that every wizard should utilize while journeying across […]

Beginner Guide to Gardening

Hello GTP! We’re going to be starting another series geared towards Beginner Guides that will hopefully help Wizards who are on the fence about taking up Gardening. It may seem like a daunting and tedious challenge, but the pay back for various snacks, gold, reagents, and Treasure Cards are well worth it. Gardening is one […]

Fall Scroll of Fortune

The Spring Scroll of Fortune has arrived! Earn points from events to unlock rewards like gold and elixirs! 🍁What is the Scroll of Fortune? 🍁 If you earn points from the Events (Beastmoon Hunt, Deckathalon, Pet Promenade, Spiral Showcase), you’ll earn FREE rewards on top of all the other rewards those activities and Events are […]

Life Deckathalon

Look alive because the Life Deckathalon has started! From May 19th all the way until May 25th, you’ll have the opportunity to fight creatures to earn some fabulous prizes! Deckathalon Basics What is a deckathalon? Each month, an event called the Deckathalon opens up for about a week. During this time, you’ll fight creatures whose […]

Value Guides

This spreadsheet serves as a price guide for most of the Treasure Cards, Crown Items, Reagents, and Housing/Monstrology Items found in Wizard101. Please keep in mind the prices you sell for do not have to be what is listed in the guide, however, the prices presented are the most accurate. If you feel that the […]