Q&A with Wizard101’s New Community Manager

The Community Asked Questions, Kyle Answered.

Around a month ago, I put together an Idea for a community Q&A session with KyleIceW, known as Kyle Donahue, the new Wizard101 Community Manager at Gamigo/KingsIsle. I figured gathering some interesting and important questions would be an exciting endeavor. I started off by doing the most important thing: I passed around a Google form asking members of our community to submit their best questions for him. There cannot be a Q&A session without the questions. Below are the questions the community asked, and of course, Kyle’s answers. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Question 1, from 1amGroot#3669: Tell us about yourself, how much of a “wizhead” were you before you started working at KingsIsle?

Hey there, my name is Kyle Donahue, also known as Kyle IceWielder to the Wizard101 community! I started playing Wizard101 back in 2008 and fell in love with the game. I’ve never stopped playing. I created a YouTube channel in high school, which allowed me to reach out to KingsIsle, and eventually take a tour to the company in 2020! It’s always been a dream of mine to get into the gaming industry, so I did just that! I moved from New Jersey to Austin Texas to get hired at Gamigo to work on Fractured Online and then shortly after was hired by Kingsisle Entertainment to be the Community Manager! Sometimes I still don’t believe it’s true till I stream or join amazing events created by the community! Never give up on your dreams! 😀

Question 2, also from 1amGroot#3669: What is your favorite Wizard101 world (and why is it Avalon)?
My favorite world for Wizard101 would actually have to be Marleybone! Not sure if it is nostalgia or just love the aesthetic of that world but it is my favorite for both Wizard101 and Pirate101!

Question 3, from Devin#3045: Out of all the bosses you have fought in the game, what is your absolute favorite and why? What makes this boss different from all the others?

Oh! Great question! I’d have to say fighting Malistaire in Darkmoor would have to be my favorite! I love fighting him for the last time and so much happens around the fight!

Question 4, also from Devin#3045: Do you have any pets at home? If so, what are their names and how long have you had them? (Devin#3045)
I have 3 cats! Their names are Solis, Luna, and Oreo. I’ve had Solis and Luna for about 2 years now and Oreo for 1 year.

Question 5, from Devin#3045 and Piku#3569: When I was younger, I wanted to work for KI, it was always a dream! What’s it like being a manager of the community? Do you have any advice for players that strive to join the company?
You can do it! If you have a dream to work at KingsIsle, believe in yourself! Even if people try to convince you otherwise! My advice would be to create a small game, either on PC or mobile, that is if you want to be a developer. Make a YouTube channel or Twitch channel to show you can communicate well with a community. Although the best advice I can give is to always remember it’s not always about the destination; the journey is as equally as important! You got this!

Question 6, from 1AmGroot#3669: Did you know about Wizard101 before starting to work at KI?
ABSOLUTELY! Started playing Wizard101 in 2008 and haven’t stopped since! 🙂

Question 7, from Ginger🌻#0001 and NiNi x#8915: What future plans can you tell us about the Wizard101 community expansion in Europe? Will there be any more chances to get ahold of the gauntlet bundles?

Can’t say that I know too much since I mainly work on Wizard101 US, but I know the team is working hard on trying to create a consistent plan for the EU folks!

Question 8, from Nini x#8915: Are there any thoughts for an “Aquila part 2”, or any plans for revisiting Aquila with things such as skeleton keys or new vendors?
Another question I don’t know since I haven’t heard talk of this. But, we are working hard on other things! 😉

Question 9, also from Nini x#8915: Are there any plans for additional side worlds similar to Wysteria or Grizzleheim
Another great question but, not sure as of now.

Question 10, also from Nini x#8915: Will Treasure Card Vaults ever be added to the game? If not, what was the reason they were scrapped?
I think I’m too new to know this, I remember being a player when this was added into a Test Realm and then it never showed back up in game. xD

Question 11, from 1AmGroot#3669: Will we be able to stitch mounts or pets in the future?
I’ve heard discussion of such a thing, but not sure if it will ever be done or added into the game.

Question 12, from Devin#3045: I own a lot of houses in the game, 37 to be exact! Do you think we could get badges based on how many houses we have acquired on one wizard?
I think that would be an awesome idea!

Question 13, from 1AmGroot#3669: What caused KI to return updates to Pirate101?
As a fellow Pirate101 player, I started playing back in 2012! KI has always seen potential with Pirate101 and with the acquisition with Gamigo, KI has the ability to put more effort into the game.

Question 14, also from 1AmGroot#3669:
Is the player base for Wizard101 increasing with the new updates? Do you think the game has many more decades?
Wizard101 has a very steady player base. With new updates the game still does obtain new players! I believe this game will definitely have many more years!

Question 15, from Devin#3045: How does KI feel about Empowers being used as a currency for trading? Does the company gain anything from the trades within the vast market? Has there been an increase in profits in Crown sales, like Crown Codes or Kroger Cards, over the length of the game?
Another great question but one I personally can’t answer. I believe I’m too new, but would like to find out! 🙂

Question 16, from Rickthegamer#5236: Will the mount glitch where you get off and your friends that are with you are still getting dragged along (like when you enter a dungeon on a sigil) be fixed?
I’ll talk to the team to figure out a solution! 😀

A final note from Kyle:

Thank you for all the questions! Apologies I couldn’t answer too many as I am still kind of new around here. However, this has seriously been a dream come true and I love my job with all my heart! If you have a dream to get into the gaming industry or anything for that matter, believe in yourself, and take the necessary steps to get what you dream! I believe in every single one of ya! <3


I thought these questions that our community submitted were amazing, and I’m very grateful of Kyle to take time out of his day or week to answer all of these questions that were submitted. I couldn’t have pieced together this article without everyone!

Thank you all for reading this Q&A article that I was able to put together thanks to questions that the community had!

– James

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