Khrysalis, the Start of Wizard101’s End Game


Khrysalis, the final world of Wizard101’s second story arc. The first world in the main-story to be released in two separate parts. Khrysalis… Its name alone probably will make some people shiver. Khrysalis is infamous for a number of reasons. It is the longest world in the game, and it is only challenged by its predecessor, Azteca. When solo-questing, fights seem to take the longest in this world between enemies having the most health universally and them having an arsenal of powerful spells at their disposal.

Despite all of this, Khrysalis is one of my favorite worlds, second to Mirage. In recent months, it has surprisingly overtaken Azteca to become my second favorite world, relegating Azteca to be my third. As a seasoned mercenary, I’ve had my fair share of travels to these worlds by lending my blade to other wizards and through my own adventures (4 completions as of now). I will share some insight as to why I believe that Khrysalis is one of the most under-appreciated worlds in the game.

SPOILER WARNING: The following section will contain story spoilers from Khrysalis’ main quest line.

Interesting Lore

Wizard101’s second story arc has seemingly more depth to it, contrasting that of the first arc. The first arc has one basic plot point: defeat Malistaire. From the beginning of the world, everything you’re doing is with reference to that single goal. For example, the entirety of Mooshu’s storyline is to heal Emperor Yoshihito so he will lend you the spiral key to Dragonspyre in return. Our motivation to help the Emperor is not a random act of kindness. We need to reach Dragonspyre, that is the sole drive.

Arc two introduces various problems that seem to be a result of Morganthe’s meddling that initially occurs in the background. Over time, the plot rapidly develops into an actual story. Most good stories have some form of build-up towards a climactic event. This climax is relayed in Morganthe’s grand prophecy, i.e. the destruction of Azteca. Problems evolve into larger scale catastrophes, putting worlds and the spiral at risk.

End of the game approaches and the true battle begins.

Khrysalis’ storyline is very involved. Our primary goal is very similar to the entire goal of all of arc one: reach the final boss. Khrysalis is a world mobilized for warfare. The majority of characters, NPCs included, carry weapons with them regardless of what side they are on. Morganthe was enacting a war on the Spiral. She lurks in the shadows while she conducts most of her business, making her difficult to hunt down.

Know Your Enemy

Zaltanna is a resident of Khrysalis and an important character in the final world of Wizard101's second arc.

We employ a war tactic of our own: deception. The start of Khrysalis involves us deceiving the Umbra Legion into thinking we are on their side and arrive to join their cause. We aid the locals in their personal campaigns as we slowly satisfy the demands of the enemy. To our surprise, one we believe is our enemy turns out to be guiding us in the correct direction. “Cornelius,” commonly known as Zaltanna the Mirrormask, has been creating chaos for the Umbra Legion. Eventually we show our true purpose and she becomes our ally. 

A proverb of old holds true here, that being, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This starting plot demonstrates the fact that not everyone who joins a cause agrees with the motives or goals of that side. On your adventure you uncover the mayhem Morganthe and her warlords have caused, realizing the pure evil that we are up against. We work our way to the Shadow Palace, the place our enemy lies. The instance quest of Morganthe’s chamber is aptly named “End Game.” The fate of the Spiral is in our hands.

Understanding Power Spikes

As of 2021, most people probably do not care for the deep story of the world. They want to just level up their character. For those that have played certain other games, you may understand the concept of a “power spike.” In the context of Wizard101, I like to think of a power spike as a point in character progression where your general power level drastically increases. In my perspective, everyone aiming for max-level goes through significant power spikes with the transition from Promethean to Exalted being one of them.

Considering standard progressions of this age, the Khrysalis main quest line can take a player from level 90 to level 106, give or take a level on each bound. Going into the world, a player should have gained access to new astral spells and potentially level 90+ gear (most likely the Blade of the Felled Titan and the Alpha and Omega Ring), coming out of another of the game’s significant power spikes during mid-to-late Archmage.

In Khrysalis you gain access to Shadow magic, and you level high enough to access Darkmoor. There you can get another spell – which is rather powerful – and new gear that can take a player through to endgame. Though the more significant of these don’t come from Khrysalis itself, Khrysalis is a near-necessary requirement. Lastly, finishing Khrysalis gives a player access to Morganthe, who drops useful amulets and some of the best athames in the game for many different builds. Sure, farming Morganthe may not be fun, but one should appreciate the benefits you get by playing through the world and the potential they enable.


Khrysalis offers both an interesting story and allows players to become more powerful. One might reach this point and still might not be convinced that Khrysalis is a good world. As a former martial artist, I know better than anybody that great strength is a product of pain. Many who are completing Khrysalis will aim to take their character to the true endgame. Unfortunately, Khrysalis is a necessary evil one must learn to endure to reach that point. Luckily, once a wizard gets through that world, they are well on their way to becoming the best they can be!

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