The best energy gear

Have you ever had troubles deciding what energy gear you should use? In this article we will outline why every Wizard should have an Energy Gear and which gear is currently the best option. 

An energetic Wizard...

By travelling throughout the Spiral, your Wizard will not just level up but also receive more energy. Every time you gain a level your energy will refill and increase slightly. Therefore a new wizard will only have about 40 energy to spare while a level 140 Wizard will have 130 Energy. If possible try to obtain high level energy gear and use high level wizards to perform in activities that require a huge amount of energy. 

The right energy for activities...

It doesn’t matter whether you love fishing, gardening or even pet training! In all three activities you will most likely need a huge amount of energy. Therefore it is important to have the perfect energy gear to save yourself from buying enormous amounts of Energy Elixirs. 

Choosing the outfit...

First of all we will take a closer look at the current best energy gear which is obtained through packs/bundles. As high level wizards have more benefits in terms of energy, it is recommended to use the highest available gear level (currently 130+). 

Pet Trainer Gear

The Pet Trainer attire offers a huge amount of energy. It can be obtained through the Pet Trainer Bundle which can be purchased for $29USD at GameStop.

Alpine Hunter Gear

The Alpine Hunter Attire can be dropped by the Yule Logger Pack. This pack is only available during the Christmas holidays and usually costs 299 Crowns. 

Light Elf Gear

The Light Elf attire is very similar to the Alpine Hunter attire. It can be found in the Elven Nightmare Pack. This pack is only available during Halloween and usually costs 299 Crowns.

Snowdrifter's Gear (alternative)

The Snowdrifter’s attire is a possible gear set as well. However the Pet Trainer attire, the Alpine Hunter attire and the Light Elf attire grant more energy at level 130+. It can be found in the Gingerbread Pack (299 Crowns) which is available during the Christmas holidays. 

Having the right accessories...

While the hat, robe and shoes of each energy set are the most important, you should never forget about small gear such as wands, athames and rings. On the first look they may not seem to grant a ton of energy but getting them will definitely pay off once combined. 

My Sword and Shield...

The currently best obtainable wands are the Alpine Hunter Axe (left) and the Light Elf Sword and Shield (right). They are found in the Elven Nightmare Pack (Light Elf Sword) and the Yule Logger Pack (Alpine Hunter Axe). 

Crafting the essentials...

For those of you who prefer less expensive alternatives, why not dive right into crafting? After receiving the Chamion Crafter Badge feel free to visit Ignus Ferric. He will gladly sell you recipes for the Legendary Weapons. Each is designed for wizards level 115+ and all grant your wizard additional 11 energy.

O' mighty Aphrodite..

In the depths of Darkmoor the mighty Aphrodite II awaits you. In order to farm the following gear you will need access to Graveyard (Darkmoor) and have an Gold Skeleton Key. Be aware that this is no easy fight and you will need a full team of level 100+ wizards.

Aphrodite II offers a decent wand which grants 10 energy together with the best energy ring and athame for high level wizards. Also you will always receive the drop of the school you are using. So it is definitely worth farming for! 

Pawsitive energy...

To be fair this one will most likely take a lot of energy to make but it is definitely worth it! There are plenty of energy talents that can be learned by pets which will give your wizard a huge boost in fishing and gardening.

The best pet for energy purposes is the Dapper Corgi as they grant a fantastic 8 more energy by just equipping them. Try to combine as many energy talents as possible within your pet and train them. Trust me you will love the result! 

We hope you enjoyed this article! Please let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned for another article regarding energy gear alternatives coming soon! 

A huge shoutout to Wizard101 Central for allowing us to use their pictures! 

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I understand the purpose of this article was to show the best energy gear, and I also know you’re working on an article for energy alternatives. However, I was a little confused when I first read through the article. It shows alternatives that aren’t the best, such as the Snowdrifter’s set and revered/Aphrodite wands, which made me believe other alternatives would be mentioned, but none were. The inclusion of F2P alternatives for the wand, but not any other piece of gear makes it seem as if the article was intended to show both F2P and P2W sets, wasn’t completed in… Read more »

Zackary Moore

The wand was including because you can get one of the best sets of gear any time of the year (pet trainer) however the best wand can only be gotten during Christmas time. The ring, athame, dapper corgi are also all obtainable F2P

Tony KIdd

Update it to Level 150. However it os good for 130.

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