The Blacksmith and their Dragon

With this bundle you will acquire: A brand new house! A new DRAGON mount! The Forge Goblin pet. The Forgemaster’s Gear. The Forgemaster’s Sword. 1 Month Membership OR 5,000 Crowns. The Quaint House Nestled upon a private body of water is the most adorable, rustic cabin. This beautiful cottage like building comes complete with a […]

The Door

It was more than just a door. It was a gateway to the most ultimate form of creativity, and self expression. Inside that door I learned that the smallest of a flame can ignite the largest, roaring fire. The tiniest of pebbles can become the next largest set of mountains. A small sapling has the […]

Becoming A Master Of The Spiral

There are four extracurricular activities that a wizard may do while studying in the Spiral: Crafting Gardening Fishing Monstrology Today we are going to be covering one of my favorites: Monstrology. A monstrologist gains higher ranks by obtaining experience from extracting animus. This is what will allow a monstrologist to extract the animus of specific, […]

Oh’ Bless This Stormy Heart..

I’ve been a vibrant part of the Wizard101 community since 2009. At some point the advertisements on my television would cause thoughts in my own head: Wow that game looks insanely dumb, who are they trying to target? But by some crazy chance I chose to hop onto my computer and create myself a resident […]

The Shocking Truth about Storm

One day in GTP’s general chat, a discussion emerged. That discussion produced the following meme: The School of Storm For many years, the Storm school was regarded as the premier attacking school in Wizard101. People know this school to have notably higher damage-output when compared to any other school. To compensate, Storm’s defensive capabilities (including […]