A New Event: Spiral Scene

Look out GTP! A new event has arrived to the Spiral! Wiz decorators have been anxiously waiting for this event to come! The Spiral Scene wants you to complete a few activities to earn points for prizes! Here are the activities: As you can see, a lot of the activities are the same from the […]

Something Rotten In Nightside

It’s that time of year! October is here and Halloween is on its way. That means that there’s a special quest waiting for every wizard. If your wizard is at least level 13 and has completed the quest “The Sixth School,” you might notice that Dworgyn has something for you. He wants you to speak […]

Fall Scroll of Fortune

The Spring Scroll of Fortune has arrived! Earn points from events to unlock rewards like gold and elixirs! 🍁What is the Scroll of Fortune? 🍁 If you earn points from the Events (Beastmoon Hunt, Deckathalon, Pet Promenade, Spiral Showcase), you’ll earn FREE rewards on top of all the other rewards those activities and Events are […]

New Beastmoon Hunt

The Beastmoon Hunt has begun! From now until June 8th, you can fight in the Beastmoon arena for some amazing prizes! This week, a few things have changed. New Map You’ll be battling in an underwater, Celestian-themed map. In this map, you’ll be swimming your way to battles! In addition, this beautiful map is pretty […]

Life Deckathalon

Look alive because the Life Deckathalon has started! From May 19th all the way until May 25th, you’ll have the opportunity to fight creatures to earn some fabulous prizes! Deckathalon Basics What is a deckathalon? Each month, an event called the Deckathalon opens up for about a week. During this time, you’ll fight creatures whose […]