Fall Scroll of Fortune

The Spring Scroll of Fortune has arrived! Earn points from events to unlock rewards like gold and elixirs!

🍁What is the Scroll of Fortune? 🍁

If you earn points from the Events (Beastmoon Hunt, Deckathalon, Pet Promenade, Spiral Showcase), you’ll earn FREE rewards on top of all the other rewards those activities and Events are giving you. If you want to receive even more  rewards, you can purchase the Scroll of Fortune and unlock the premium rewards. You don’t even have to decide right away. If you play the game regularly and rack up a lot of points on the Scroll of Fortune, you can purchase it later (before the season is over) and collect all the rewards you unlocked.


Here are the possible prizes* that you can obtain from this Fall Scroll of Fortune!

* prizes listed in orange can only be obtained by purchasing the Scroll of Fortune

Tier 1

Points Reward
30 3 Spellements (Blood Bat, Death Sprite, Imp, or Scarab)
60 2000 Gold
90 25 Lunari
120 Gold Boost Elixir
150 Beastmoon Seed
180 3 Reagents from Mega Reagents Pack
210 2 Doomsday Krok’s Time Limes

Tier 2

245 Chompy Bronto (7-Day)
280 2 Snacks from Mega-Snack Packs
315 Zom-bee Talent Unlock Reagents
350 3000 Gold
385 3 Uncommon Beastmoon Reagents
420 4 Bear Melee Dummies
455 Unlock Myth Draconian

Chompy Bronto

Tier 3

495 50 Lunari
535 XP Boost Elixir
575 3 Fire Minotaur Idols
615 Deckathalon Death Rune Pack
655 Primeval Hoard Pack
695 5000 Gold
735 Balanceblade Citrine

Tier 4

780 Autumn Keeper Multi-Task
825 200 Lunari
870 5 Sinbad’s Magical Clay
915 10000 Gold
960 3 Spellemtns (Thunder Snake, Scarab, Fire Cat, or Frost Beetle)
1005 3 Participation Trophy
1050 Autumnal Apple Emote

Autumnal Apple Emote

Tier 5

1100 3 Beastmoon Seeds
1150 Gardening Benefit – 3 Hour
1200 3 Fire Ninja Pig Idols
1250 Major Fishing Luck Elixir
1300 15000 Gold
1350 30 Spellements (Ghoul, Scorpion, Leprechaun, or Troll)
1400 Unlock Myth Draconian Form (Idols + Lunari)

Tier 6

1455 Deckathalon Fire Tower Pack
1510 Double Pet XP – 1 Hour
1565 Energy Elixir
1620 10 Sinbad’s Magical Clay
1675 20000 Gold
1730 3 Shining Scales
1785 Pumpkin Spice Wand

Pumpkin Spice Wand

Tier 7

1845 Deckathalon Fire Rune Pack
1905 10 Eldritch Thread
1965 3 Augmentation Runes
2025 3 Amber
2085 Triple Animus Elixir
2145 500 Lunari
2205 Chromaticat (90 Day)


Tier 8

2270 30 Spellements (Fire Elf, Lightning Bats, Fire Elf, or Snow Serpent)
2355 Deckathalon Myth Rune Pack
2400 Wizard’s Watchtower House Recipe
2465 3 Death Ninja Pig Idols
2530 200 Lunari
2595 Double Pet XP – 3 Hour
2660 Unlock Myth Draconian Form (Idols + Lunari)

Tier 9

2730 Falling Leaves Globe
2800 1 Random Elixir
2870 Zom-Bee Talent Unlock Reagents
2940 Fall Scroll of Fortune Painting
3010 Alternate Time Lime
3080 3 1 Hour Double Gardening Elixir
3150 Time to Leaf Emote

    Falling Leaves Globe                                 Time to Leaf Emote

Should I Buy It?

In my opinion, this season’s Fall Scroll of Fortune is worth buying. The Pumpkin Spice Wand and Autumnal Apple Emote are great for capturing the feel of fall. The Falling Leaves Globe is sure to provide an authentic autumn experience to your dorms and houses. Finally, embrace the harvest spirit with the Time to Leaf emote. This emote isn’t obnoxiously flashy and provides a nice quick animation when transitioning in and out of areas. 

This Scroll of Fortune, like previous scrolls, costs 15000 crowns for non-members, and 7500 for members. You have up until December 1st to decide whether you want to purchase this scroll. You have a bit of time to decide, but after it ends, you won’t be able to purchase this scroll of fortune again!

A special thanks to Rori for the awesome banner and Rylee for the some of the images!

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