A New Event: Spiral Scene

Look out GTP! A new event has arrived to the Spiral!

Wiz decorators have been anxiously waiting for this event to come! The Spiral Scene wants you to complete a few activities to earn points for prizes!

Here are the activities:

As you can see, a lot of the activities are the same from the Spiral Showcase (complete a daily assignment, craft an item, help a team). However, instead of feeding your pet a snack and fishing, the Spiral Scene has you visiting and rating houses via castle tours! 

Rating a castle listed in “Newly Added Today” will get you 6 points ( up to 30 points a day). Simply visiting one of the top houses, will get you 10 points (up to 20 points a day). Overall, this means that you’ll be able to get 100 points per day, But what prizes can you get for reaching point milestones? Here they are!












1,000 Gold

4 Blueprint Tokens

3 Eye of Bartleby Cards

3 Mega Reagents

5,000 Gold

6 Blueprint Tokens

3 Rockhammer’s Jewels

3 Snacks from Mega-Snacks

Professor’s Hoard Pack

What are blueprint tokens? This new reagent is used in the new housing items crafting recipes. You can find these recipes sold by Angelica Windspar, who is located near Myrella Windspar. Most of the recipes cost about 10 blueprint tokens (with other reagents) or 1 blueprint token. These housing items are extremely helpful for those who are into decorating. Tired of needing to go to Marleybone every time to get castle magic? Simply craft Babbage Basset to sell you Castle Magic anywhere in your home! 

Another interesting item is the Castle Tours Apartment. This requires a whopping 64 Blueprint Tokens and the Castle Assesor Badge. Unfortunately, the interior looks exactly the same as the Olde Town Apartment. However, this house will lead you straight to the fairgrounds, providing easy access to the potion vendor Hilda Brewer!

What are you waiting for? Go to the Castle Tours headquarters and start rating some houses! 

Good luck out there!

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