Wizard101’s 12th Birthday

Now through Wednesday, September 30; birthday favors are back! As part of the birthday bash, member benefits are live all-month, special fish are back, and party favors for all are eager for this special season! Keep reading for a party you won’t forget!

Member Benefits !

As part of the birthday bash celebrations, Wizard101 members will receive exclusive benefits! A rotation of a plethora of benefits – Double Crafting & Reagents, Zero Energy Fishing, Double Pet XP, Double Gardening, Free Second Chance Chest Roll, Free Training Point Buybacks and Double Monstrology and Animus will last the entirety of September. In addition, Daily Assignments Bonuses and PvP Daily Assignments are live, all month long until September 30!

Birthday Favors !

Birthday items are back and packed in the Crown Shop for more celebration commodities! Items include the following:

Decaversary Hoard Pack

Decade Gargoyle Pet

Party Corgi Pet

8th Anniversary Gobbler Cake

Birthday Balloons Mount

Decade Firecat Pet

Grandpa Piggle Pet

Birthday Party Cake (Animated)

Gobbler Mount

Decade Piggle Pet

Birthday Snack Pack

Reg. Keeper Party Multi-Tank Aquarium

Party Chair Housing Item

Party Buffet Table Housing Item

New Pet !

A new pet was revealed in addition to all the birthday splendor! The Decennial Dragon Pet is dyeable, allowing you to achieve that glamorous and cohesive stitch similar to that of the Decade Dragon. This feisty, fire-breathing dragon is so fired up for Wizard101’s birthday that it’ll be in the Crown Shop until September 28th! For an more in-depth look, check out the upcoming September Pet Showcase article detailing this fiery little beast. Make sure to get yours now!

A Wizarding Contest ?

For Wizard101’s 6th Anniversary, KingsIsle hosted a contest for the community to be presented on the official Blog. This month marks 6 years since their 6th anniversary, meaning another contest has sprung up! Anyone interested in writing a magical blog post could very well win 30,000 Crowns as part of their belief in giving back to the community. You can find more about the contest here!

As always, thank you so much for reading! We hope you enjoy the content we Scribes write now and in the future! 

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