September Pet Showcase

     Hello GTP! Coming at you with a new series called Pet Showcase that features the new pets released each month. (Forewarning, some pets have yet to be released and haven’t actually been published by KingsIsle yet.) These pets bring some new additions to gear sets and could be a nice addition to your stitches. Take a look at the newly released pets and see if you’d be interested in adding any of them into your team!

Paleo Piggle

Storm Blade

     Straight from the Paleolithic Era we have the new, Paleo Piggle. This pet was released on August 31, 2020 and is now available in the Crown Shop for 6,500 crowns. This pet is part of the Storm school and includes an extra storm blade at Baby. If you’re a Storm wizard you can definitely switch this stylish pet into your stitch if you are in need of an extra blade. 

    The starting stat’s may seem a bit low, but with a little hatching you can definitely reach a good 2.0 base. If your in the mood for a pet from the Old Stone age then this one can definitely become your new best friend. 

Decennial Dragon

Clockwork Golem

    The 12th Birthday celebration of Wizard 101 came with many new perks from KingsIsle, one in particular was the announcement of the Decennial Dragon. This pet was released on September 2nd, 2020 and is now available in the Crown Shop for 10,000 crowns. This pet belongs to the Balance school and gives a Clockwork Golem given at Baby.

    One valuable perk about this pet is that you can actually dye it. This is great news to Wizards who love to match their stitches! Head on over to Darla Whisperwind in Olde Town to check out the variety of colors. The only major downside to this is it’s high price tag but fear not!  There are other options to obtain the pet towards the end of this article.

The Frillasaurs

Scrappy Frillasaur

Fossil Hunter Set 

    Behold the newest additions to set pets: the Frillasaurs! Starting with the Snappy Frillasaur which sports a purple and yellow skin that is perfectly fitting for a Storm wizard. This pet comes from the to-be-released Primeval Hoard Pack and will be apart of the Fossil Hunter’s set. The Snappy Frillasaur belongs to the Storm school and comes with one Storm Shark at Baby. The beauty of this pet is the additional stat bonuses that could raise the damage and resist capacity of the game. There is still much to be announced about the set, but as as we know so far, these pets give a size-able amount of extra damage to both Ice and Myth Wizards. 

Scratchy Frillasaur

Fossil Avenger Set

    Next up is the Scratchy Frillasaur who rocks a teal blue appearance as opposed to the rest. This pet is part of the Fossil Avenger’s set, which can be obtained in the to-be-released Primeval Hoard Pack.The Scratchy Frillasaur is from the Ice school and contains an additional Hail Hound at Baby. Just like all the other Frillasaur, this one is a part of a gear set for Fire wizards, and can also be used for extra Universal damage. Though the learned skill may not be useful for the Fire wizards, fear not because the set bonuses will make up for that in the long run.

Scaly Frillasaur

Fossil Warrior Set

    Last on our list of Frillasaur is the Scaly Frillasaur with a great green and pink appearance. The Scaly Frillasaur is also a set-bonus pet, and is part of the Fossil Warrior’s set in the new to-be-released Primeval Hoard Pack. This pet belongs to the Life school, and contains an extra life trap at Baby. For those who belong to the Storm and Life school, this pet is just for you! With the additional bonuses, you can gain even more damage when the pet is brought to 2.0, and has the appropriate trained talents. Dare I say these pets could change the meta of what we know as the current damage cap!

    Although the Primeval Hoard Pack hasn’t been fully released by KingsIsle, you can still try your luck by participating in the Fall Scroll of Fortune. In order to participate you’ll need to purchase the Scroll of Fortune (7,500 crowns with Membership and 15,000 crowns wihout) to be able to unlock the pack, but there are some really good prizes worth racking up points for. 

Ways to Obtain

    Now looking back at the crowns price, you’d think that those pets are pretty pricey and not obtainable. Well fear not! Another option that you can do is hatch with other Wizards. There are many Wizards in the game, and there is bound to be someone who has already created a 2.0 version. Remember to check out the various shops and pet-hatching channel on our Discord to find one that matches your price level.

Special thanks to TheAmazingPiggle for helping with the screenshots for the new pets.

As always thanks for reading! We hope you’ve been enjoying the content put out by Gamma Scribe. 


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