Simon says!

As Halloween is approaching, it’s about time to give some of the spotlight to our today’s guest: Simon the Sayer! He is awaiting your challenge in the depths of Sunken City but only the bravest will be able to see through his tricks. 

Daniel says… “Hey Wizard!”

Simon the Sayer was created by Daniel during his stay at Kingsisle, made possible by the make-a-wish foundation. Daniel will assist the wizard in the battle with Simon by casting either a “Curse” or a “Fairy”. His character model was inspired by his own Necromancer. 

Simon says… Watch out!

While Simon was designed for level 80+ Wizards, his spells can still deal a shocking amount of damage. Watch out for his minions (Heartburner Golem & Virulent Gas Golem) as they are repeatedly being summoned by Simon. 

Wizard says… “I know your tricks!”

Once the battle starts, Simon will be shouting out commands and the Wizards will have to follow them. The first three rounds are a non-attack cycle, followed by an attack cycle in rounds four to six. Furthermore if a Wizard casts a Blade, Simon will cheat-cast Disarm on the caster. Casting a prism or positive ward will result in Simon’s Polterpooch interrupt-casting Feint. 

Simon says… “have my treasures”

After defeating Simon and his friends you will be rewarded with the “Simon’s Bane” badge. However the most outstanding drops are the unique wands. All wands are designed as silver swords with glowing particles, depending on the school the sword represents. 

What are your experiences with Simon the Sayer? Did you like his drops? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you Central for allowing us to use these pictures. Credit for most pictures goes to Wizard101 Central.

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Hi Tara! Great article! I never actually did this secret boss, but he seems like a good challenge to do. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


Strangely enough, the battle with Simon the Sayer uses the Darkmoor combat music, and the Darkmoor main theme plays inside the skeleton key room when you’re not in battle.

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