Candied Isles Bundle

Ready for a Sugar Rush? The new Candied Isle Bundle has come to satisfy our sweet tooth and showcase the wonders of the new world Karamelle with a candy themed wonderland. This bundle is currently available at Gamestop for $39 USD and as always provides you with an additional 5,000 crowns or 1 month membership. If you’ve ever wanted a fluffy loveable pet by your side or slide down an icy mountain with friends then this bundle is just for you!

Included in the Bundle

  • One month of unlimited access to Wizard101 or 5,000 Crowns that can be
    used to buy in-game items or unlock premium zones
  • Candied Isles Village
  • Marshfellow Pet
  • Sweetish Chef Gear
  • Whisk of Doom Weapon

Candied Isles Village

One of the major wonders of the bundle is the Candied Isles Village. This house comes with a gobstopper amount of possibilities. First off, this castle contains Five Different styled houses with a Chocolate fountain in the center. Each of the houses can be entered and decorated to fulfill your sweet desires. It’s important to note that the bank is only present in the house with the largest flower-bed on the railings of the balcony. 

Interestingly enough, the Chocolate Fountain is an interactive piece that can be used daily to gain some goodies. These goodies range from various types of pet snacks and additional gold. How sweet is that? 






Candied Basement and Top of the Mountain

Moving onto the wonderful additions to this castle is a secret hidden Candy Cave Basement that can be accessed through the basements of each of the houses. It’s a nicely decorated chocolate wonderland that teleports you to various areas within the castle. You’ll find that the center includes flowing chocolate that slows you down when walked through.

Now the icing on top of this Sweet wonderland is the top of the mountain. Wizards who reach the peak of the mountain will be greeted by a pretty sweet Sled Ride that lasts for about 35 seconds. Make sure to have your sounds turned on when on the ride because you’ll be blessed with the sounds of Karamelle. You can reach the top of the mountain through either a side door near the mountain or scaling up the slide.

Sweetish Chef Set

Following with the Karamelle and sweet theme is the new Sweetish Chef Attire. This set comes with a suitable amount of damage and resistance. It also includes a Sweetish Chef Set Bonus that gives additional damage, resistance, outgoing, and pip chance. Though, the downside is that it doesn’t compare to the Jade gear from Keeper’s Lore Pack and Spooky Robe from Spooky Carnival Bundle. It would be a nice addition to your stitch, but useability seems pretty slim.

Marshfellow Pet

Introducing this fluffy little fellow to the bundle has to be one of the best selling points. The Marshfellow is a Karamelle inspired pet that comes from the Myth schools. This pet provides you with a Myth Shield at baby, Vaporize at adult, and Earthquake at Epic. It’s adorable figure and vibrant smile could definitely brighten anyone’s day.

Sweet Ride! Mount

Last but certainly not least, is the Sweet Ride! Mount which could make an Wizard crave for some desserts. This mount provides a +40% speed and has no other additional effects. In terms of the design, the engine revs a little bit too loud and the mount physically jerks the Wizard back once stopped. Other than that, who wouldn’t want to ride in a dessert around the Commons?

That’s all for the Candied Isles Bundle! In my opinion, I think it falls well with the season and the release of the new world Karamelle. I could definitely see many Wizards throwing parties and enjoying their time on the sled ride. It’s one of those bundles that just leaves you in awe and I would recommend purchasing one if you’re on the fence!

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